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Register as Invention Partner!

We are looking forward to your solutions. Simply fill in the form below, we will come back to you with our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for your signature. Please send the signed document back to us per post.

Datos Personales
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Por favor, añade aquí los archivos. Los formatos compatibles son: .txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf y .ppt. Los archivos pueden ocupar un máximo de 10 MB.

We will use your data for the purpose of replying to your submission after internal review and evaluation.

The examination and evaluation process may take several months, so please be patient. Once the examination and evaluation process has been completed, we will notify you of the results.

The processing and use of your data is based on statutory provisions which justify those operations on the grounds that the processing is necessary for processing your submission.

If you have not given consent to a longer storage duration e.g. in the course of our stakeholder relationship management we will store the data no longer than needed in order to fulfill the aforementioned purpose or as long as required in case any statutory retention obligation applies.

If you want to withdraw your data before we completed the aforementioned evaluation process, please contact us via E-Mail

For more information on how Henkel processes your personal data please refer to our Data Protection Statement.